A mattress with an independent structure

The pocket spring mattress represents the evolution of the traditional spring mattress. The internal structure of this mattress is made up of a series of high-quality steel spring coils whose number and size determine the mattress’s degree of firmness.

Pocket Technology: Steel coil springs enclosed in separate breathable fabric pockets

The steel coil springs guarantee excellent performance in terms of resistance and durability. The breathable fabric pockets protect the springs, preventing them from interlocking with each other and damaging the structure of the mattress; they also ensure the mattress remains fresh, reducing overheating during hot weather and ensuring proper air circulation to prevent moisture build-up and the proliferation of bacteria and mites.

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Quality is not about numbers.

Typically, a mattress contains 700-800 independent pocket springs, but the number can rise to 1600, 2000, even 3000. The number of springs determines the mattress’s degree of firmness, not its quality. The true difference in value is the quality of the steel used to make the springs and the number of coils, the manufacturer’s technical skill, the materials and the technology used to stitch the fabric pockets.

How do pocket springs work?

The individual pocket springs work independently from one another. In other words, each spring reacts individually to the contour, weight and movement of the user, giving and releasing in real time. It’ s easy to imagine, but even more pleasant to experience, the level of support, comfort and flexibility this kind of mattress can offer its users.

Low density, great support
Layer of low-density foam material for added structure and support.
Perfect insulation
An insulating layer made of soft felt to provide support and greater spring resistance.
Each spring responds individually to pressure
The pocketed spring coil core guarantees freshness, reducing overheating during warm weather and promoting adequate air circulation.
Perfect insulation
An insulating layer made of soft felt to provide support and greater spring resistance.
Materfoam Medium, soft but structured
A layer of Materfoam Medium, a medium-hard foam that provides proper structure and firmness to the mattress.
Ultra-soft layer in Materfoam Soft
Featuring extra softness, excellent elasticity, and resilience, that allows it to always return to its original shape.
Sleep surface
The outer layer your body rests on features a stretchy, quilted layer of upholstery for unparalleled comfort.

The advantages of an independent spring mattress.

This type of mattress offers users a variety of benefits. An analysis of these strong points is helpful in understanding the success of pocket spring mattresses.

Variable elasticity

The elasticity of the mattress is directly proportional to the number of springs that make up the internal structure.

Healthy rest

Pocket spring mattresses, especially those with variable zones, respond to even the slightest body movement and adapt to every sleeping position. Maximum ergonomics, maximum comfort.

High quality sleep

Each individual spring provides a high level of bearing capacity and support, improving circulation and overall sleep quality.

Silence and hygiene

The springs, enclosed inside single breathable pockets, are protected and well isolated: they don’t make noise or squeak and they provide good air-flow. This prevents them from being damaged by humidity, bacteria and mites, keeping the mattress cool and comfortable even in summer.

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