Science, technology, chemistry, and tradition work together with Mother Nature

Materials that combine the performance of polyurethane foams with the properties of botanical elements and their precious essential oils for high-performance padding in terms of comfort, strength and durability.

Rest is an increasingly important ally for man and the environment.

Our range of products and accessories features state-of-the-art materials, born from the fruitful synergy of chemistry, herbs and plants, scientific research, and age-old knowledge.

The result is solutions that combine foams and botanical elements that improve the quality of rest and the performance of the mattress.

The benefits are many and measurable. For the body. For the mind. For the environment. The time has come to experience a new level of well-being.

Matermoll Materials

Non-deformable and cool

Watergel® is a high-density polyurethane gel foam. The special properties of this padding material are extreme flexibility, virtual non-deformability, exceptional freshness, and outstanding air flow.

As soft as a cloud

Polyurethane foam mattress padding that features extreme softness, excellent elasticity, and the ability to always return to its original shape.

Super elasticity

This padding material combines a slightly higher degree of firmness with excellent bounce and super elasticity.

The basis of a good structure

Polyurethane foam mattress padding. Less elastic, its high degree of firmness provides mattresses with a solid structure.

Precious natural fibers

This padding material features fine natural fibers such as cashmere, silk, camel, linen, silver, PCM, PLA, soy, bamboo. It is flame retardant, exceptionally elastic, resistant to weight and pressure, lightweight and comfortable.

Comfort and durability

A collection of foam mattress padding with varying density, firmness, and pressure values. The common feature is the balance between firmness, elasticity, and air circulation, which makes this material very comfortable and durable.

Excellent air flow

A next-generation polyurethane foam material that features an open cellular structure which ensures air flow and optimal heat and moisture dispersion. Excellent performance in terms of durability and resistance to wear.

Approved by Mother Earth

A unique padding material created from the perfect combination of Waterlily™ technology and essential oils, and soy-based raw materials. The result is a natural product that provides exceptional comfort, breathability, strength, and elasticity.

Rest responsibly

Biogreen is the perfect combination of polyurethane foam and essential oils obtained from linen, wool, and coconut. It guarantees maximum comfort, total non-deformability, and genuine rest. Biogreen chemistry and renewable resources for environmentally friendly relaxation and rest.

The color of good sleep

MalvaFoam® adds mallow extract to a highly resilient polyurethane foam. The padding is characterized by its elasticity and exceptional comfort, but also by the color and scent of this herb, whose soothing and relaxing properties have been known since ancient times.

Fireproof comfort

Elasticity, non-deformability, and comfort are the characteristics of our Shaping padding material. Its added value lies in its very high resistance to fire, certified in compliance with the following standards: FAR 25853 - CSE.RF4/83 - CLASS 1 IM.

Sleep in milk

Milkofil is an innovative organic yarn made from milk. The fiber is obtained from casein and releases negative ions. This has a stimulating effect on blood circulation which benefits the skin. It also has antibacterial and air purifying properties.

Beauty treatment

Fabrics treated with Aloe Vera are a real boon for sleepers, thanks to the countless therapeutic properties offered by this plant belonging to the Aloeceae family. Its gradual release hydrates and soothes the skin, transforming sleep into an everyday well-being experience.

Night-time breathability

The Air System fabric is extremely breathable. Thanks to its structure, which favors the constant exchange of heat and humidity, the bed temperature is always optimal, ensuring good quality of sleep and durability of the mattress and its accessories.

Valuable softness

A fabric created with a cashmere and cotton yarn blend. Top quality primary materials to provide maximum comfort and absolute softness to the touch. The high quality of these natural materials also guarantees long lasting durability of the inner mattress system.

Foam with high resistance

HD Foam is a foamed material that differs from other foams for its high density and the great level of lift and very strong resistance.

Fresh lift

The Egg Crate technology is used to improve the bearing capacity of the mattress, thanks to the particular shape and cone design it allows your body to adapt to the most critical pressure points, furthermore the conical shape allows the passage of an air flow between the mattress and body making the mattress cool.

Elasticity and comfort

Memory foam is an extremely ductile material, thanks to its ability to react to heat it adapts to the body by modeling itself on the user's shapes and lines, promoting muscle relaxation and proper blood circulation.

Matermoll Treatments


Cimex Lectularius, also known as the Bed Bug, is a tiny insect visible to the naked eye which can penetrate almost anywhere. The Greenfirst® treatment removes 65% of bed bugs in just eight days and 100% in six weeks. This treatment can be applied to all mattresses at the customer's request.


Our TeflonTM fabric protection allows fabrics to stay cleaner, brighter, and fresher and is perfect for mattresses. This popular treatment does not alter the look, feel or breathability of fabrics. With the TeflonTM fabric protector, you'll find that with a little cleaning, even the toughest stains disappear easily.

Improve your quality of sleep, choose Matermoll accessories.

Thanks to a high degree of care and constant monitoring of every stage of production, our products provide the highest standards of rest.


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