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Guarantee certificate and user manual


Your mattress has been designed to last many years. This guide will provide you with useful advice on its use and maintenance to even further enhance your satisfaction. The product you have bought has been subject to strict controls that guarantee the quality of the components and manufacturing processes. Furthermore, the choice of materials and the production cycle are carried out with full respect for the environment.


means free repair or replacement of the mattress or its faulty components in the manufacturing or in the material.

Our mattresses are guaranteed for a period of 5 years: in the first 2 years the faulty part can be replaced; in the following 3 years it can be replaced or repaired.

“Accidental” damages, those damages are not caused by manufacturing defects, are excluded from guarantee claims.

Matermoll disclaims all responsibility for possible damages directly or indirectly involving persons, things or animals due to the non-compliance of the rules indicated in this booklet and concerning, in particular, instructions on the use and maintenance of the product. Guarantee arrangements will be later established between the dealer and the manufacturer.

The Guarantee is intended valid only if the mattress is in perfect hygienic conditions.

The company reserves the right to have the mattress checked by its delegates in order to ascertain the nature of the defects and provide for its replacement or restoration, if the defect is confirmed and the mattress is in good conditions.

The subject of the claim will be repaired / replaced free of charge with the same item or, if out of production, with a similar one in force at the moment of replacement, according to the last revision of the catalogue. All replaced products and components will become property of Matermoll.



This guarantee is only valid on presentation of the fiscal purchase document, bearing the date of purchase and the business name of the dealer. If the user is unable to document the sale’s receipt date, Matermoll reserves the right to determine the commencement of the guarantee on the basis of the production date, detectable from the label stitched to the mattress. The guarantee is void in the following cases:

– The product is found to be lacking in hygiene conditions in particular if is stained with organic liquids (Italian Legislative Decree 81/08 for the protection of the health of workers).

– Dissatisfaction, at the individual level, with the performance and/or characteristics that can be observed at the time of purchase (too soft/firm mattress etc.)

– Any damages caused during transportation or moving of products that have not been claimed at delivery.

– Alteration of the product or parts of the same.

– Damage caused by any uncommon use of the product due to negligence or improper use and/or deposit

– Improper supporting base for the mattress.

– Deterioration due to the normal wearing or damages of which the user is responsible (e.g. holes, tears).

– Any fault caused by dye migration and/or pilling on the cover coming from other textiles which come in direct contact with the mattress (e.g. sheets).

– Non-observance of the instructions listed below.


Moreover, these rules release the manufacturer from any and all responsibility for any damage to things or persons.


If the repair is not covered by the guarantee (according to that contained in this booklet), Matermoll may nonetheless arrange, upon the request of the customer and acceptance of the estimated cost, for the condition of the mattress to be restored, depending on the defects found caused by improper use.

Transport costs for delivery of the mattress to the company and to the customer, whether in the case of replacement covered by guarantee or repairs not covered by guarantee, are always at the customer’s expense.

To improve the quality of your sleep, we recommend you:
– avoid keeping pets in your bedroom and particularly on your bed.
– avoid smoking in the room where your mattress is situated.
– use bed linen that is in good condition and made using breathable fibers.
– use only breathable bed frame and mattress protectors or the ones that nonetheless guarantee airflow to the mattress.
– Once every 15 days, turn the mattress from head to toe without overturning it, to promote mattress settling (in the categories where it is expressly required).
– Turn over your mattress once every 15 days, to avoid moisture build-up (in the categories where it is expressly required).
– Ensure your bedroom is well aired (even in winter) and preferably leave your bed uncovered for a few hours.
– Handles (where fitted) – these should be used only to position the mattress and should not be used to support the full weight of the mattress.
Your mattress should be supported only by slatted frames or rigid, aired bed bases of the same size or no smaller than that of the mattress. An unsuitable support may seriously compromise the structure of the mattress.

SIZE AND SETTLING                                                                                                                                
The tolerance for the mattress measurements in width and length are +/- 2 cm (tolerances compliant with UNI 10707 standard and subsequent modifications; measurements compliant with UNI EN 1334 standard). Furthermore, the guarantee does not cover any loss in thickness of the used surfaces equal to less than approximately 20 mm, insofar as such values are considered natural for the settling of the padding when subject to the weight of the human body +/- 5% of height, tolerances compliant with UNI 10707 standard and subsequent modifications; measurements compliant with UNI EN 1334 standard). During use, the padding of your mattress will settle to better adapt to your shape, so that after some time, your mattress may seem to have changed. No cause for worry, it is merely a sign that your mattress has adapted to your body. A new mattress always requires a settling period. It is normal for you to take a few weeks or more to get used to your new mattress, especially if accustomed to a different system of sleep.

Bed linen or nightwear containing synthetic fibers may cause “pilling” on mattress covers. Depending on the person and the environment, electrostatic charges may occur that cause the padding to pass through the covers. Pilling is not covered by the guarantee. During sleep, our bodies release a certain amount of moisture through perspiration. Your mattress does not generate any moisture itself, apart from cases of an excessively damp environment, which, if serious, may cause mildew to form on the cover of your mattress. Turn the mattress on a regular basis. This is particularly important for the first 3 months after purchasing your mattress, so that the padding and inner material settle, to ensure you optimum sleep. Check the materials by carefully reading the product label on the mattress.