Technology designed for Space

Our Foam mattresses follow the movements, pressure points and varying weights of those who sleep on them, always reverting to their original shape.

A mattress that never rests.

Our foam mattresses are made of a viscoelastic foam material that reacts to the heat released by the body and moulds itself according to the weight and morphology of the sleeper: a mattress that never rests. Our memory foam is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and anti-mite. These features make foam mattresses different from any other type of mattresses, ensuring excellent comfort and almost total non-deformability.

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A technology born in Space.

The technology behind the Foam mattress was designed for space. NASA technicians were the first to use polyurethane foam to create seats capable of absorbing extreme shocks during a rocket’s lift-off to ensure astronauts had a comfortable ride. Since the 1990s, this technology has come down to earth to improve the quality of rest for ordinary people and is now widely used for private use, in the cruise and hotel industry, and in hospitals.

The memory of polymer for genuine comfort.

Foam mattresses accommodate every movement, rather than counteract it: they react to heat, mould themselves according to weight and change shape according to the position of the person using them. They give in and yield in the areas of highest pressure, perfect for side sleepers or for people with aches and pains who shift often to find the ideal position. Foam always returns to its original shape. The polymer preserves its memory and guarantees real comfort, not just a simple, pleasant sensation.

What a Foam mattress looks like

Dual density memory foam core
Dual density memory foam layer, a combination of materials with different densities provides maximum comfort and support for a comfortable sleep.
High-density and softness
This layer of foam features a high degree of softness, excellent elasticity, and the ability to always return to its original shape.
Sleep surface
The outer layer your body rests on features a stretchy, quilted overlay for unparalleled comfort.

All the benefits of Foam


Matermoll Foam mattresses  offer maximum performance in terms of anatomical comfort and support thanks to their innovative technology and the high quality of the materials used.

Durable ergonomics

This type of mattress, which adapts to different weights and shapes, lasts longer due to its ability to retain memory.


Foam only deforms where the sleeper exerts the most pressure. In case of pain, the foam envelops the sore area in a soft embrace.


As they do not exert unwanted compression, Foam mattresses are widely used in hospitals for the comfort of long-term patients. They are also suitable for people with circulatory problems, sleep disorders and back pain.

Healthy and versatile

The chemical composition of the foam keeps mites, bacteria, and all kinds of allergens at bay. These advantages make this type of mattress ideal for use in a wide variety of environments.


Foam retains heat very well and tends not to disperse it. The ideal room temperature for use is between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius.

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