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Story line Matermoll s.r.l


The beginning of a success story

Eugenio Alessio establishes the individual company Matermoll in Genoa. It' s the first step of a long journey, that will take the brand from an elegant suburb to every corner of the world, diversifying production from domestic usage to large cruise ships and international hotels.


National expansion

Ten years after its foundation, Matermoll has already experienced a significant growth on the domestic market. The company has 24 warehouses throughout Italy, a country that is experiencing an economic boom that will turn it into one of the world's industrial leaders. Italians need to rest well.


Ocean horizons

Matermoll decides to focus strongly on quality manufacturing and to explore the shipping market. The company, still family-owned, becomes the supplier for ships such as Michelangelo, Raffaello, Eugenio C. and Angelina Lauro, vessels which left their mark in Italy’s maritime history.


The generational shift

The '80s marked an epic turning point for the Matermoll brand, which went from being a family business to a limited company, with the passing of the baton from founder Eugenio to his son Massimo, current owner of the company. He will be the one to widen the company’s commercial horizons and start the internationalization of the brand.


A new location

The new company structure and a production increasingly oriented towards international markets required Matermoll to make an important logistic change. The historical headquarters in Genoa Pegli relocate to Busalla, a town in the hinterland of the Ligurian capital, that offered bigger and more suitable spaces for the new manufacturing needs.


The titans of cruising

The beginning of the new millennium coincides with Matermoll's definitive success in the global cruise market, once again flourishing and expanding as never before. The Genoese brand signs a contract with a large U.S. shipping company, linking its know-how to one of the world titans of cruising.


Opening in Miami

In 2006 Matermoll opens an office and warehouses in Miami, the world capital of cruises, in order to better satisfy and effectively fulfill the orders placed by the main shipping companies. It’s the beginning of an increasingly widespread international network.


Leadership in cruising

Thanks to a quality production, excellent logistic organization and strategic openings of offices in the main world markets, Matermoll achieves a leading position in the cruise industry for the supply of mattresses. The offices and warehouses in Miami are expanded and new e-commerce services are implemented.


Present-day challenges

In the last decade, Matermoll, besides consolidating its leadership in the cruise sector, has diversified its production targeting the hotel industry on a worldwide scale. Research, innovation, product, and service quality are the guiding principles with which Matermoll faces the challenges of the present and the future.

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