That extra something that brings comfort one step closer to a perfect night’s sleep.

Cushions, mattress and pillow covers, toppers, bed frames, and  box springs: our accessories are all designed to enhance the quality of our mattresses.

A range of products to complement our mattresses with high quality materials and certified features. They are in fact multipliers and amplifiers of comfort and well-being, but you can just call them accessories.

Matching a quality mattress with superior quality pillows, mattress and pillow covers, toppers, bed frames and box-springs is all about making your sleeping experience complete.

Our accessories are designed for a wide range of uses: from domestic use to cruise ships and yachts, as well as hotels.
Made with the best materials and the most advanced technologies available, our accessories carry the highest certifications in terms of safety, well-being, and comfort.

Discover Matermoll accessories

Improve your quality of sleep, choose a Matermoll mattress. Request a quote now.

Thanks to a high degree of care and constant monitoring of every stage of production, our products provide the highest standards of rest.


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